Traumatic Brain Injury and Feeling Important Part 1

Hello and welcome back to Second Chance to Live my friend. I hope you are doing well today. In life, and because of the way in which – at times — I “frame” or interpret what occurs in my life, I can be deluded from certain realities. The delusion can come because I feel less than or because I find myself comparing myself to / with other people. In response, I can find myself either becoming depressed or striving all the more in an attempt to prove my importance.

In my experience, I found that neither my depression, nor my ardent striving — to do enough to be enough — empowered my ability to feel important.  Depression stymied my ability to see solutions and my striving (s) only proved to keep me busy. In my experience, I found that my depression and attempts to overcompensate only served to re-enforce my prevailing sense of inadequacy.

My experience, led me to a point in time when I began to grieve my perceived conundrum. As I moved through the process of grieving my perceived conundrum – that I was not enough and that I needed to compare myself with other people – I began to have spiritual awakenings. My spiritual awakenings helped me to realize that I did not have to overcompensate to be more than to feel important. I discovered that I could let go of what I thought would make me feel important.

Through my grieving process, I discovered that I could rest in my labor, while giving of myself in ways that work for me. I discovered that I no longer needed to invest myself in specific outcomes to feel important. I discovered that one person sows and another person waters, but neither activity makes one person more important than other person. Each activity and individual is of equal importance.

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