Traumatic Brain Injury — What Empowers Me to Go and Make it a Good Day — Coming out of Isolation — Part 5

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And now for Part 5.

When I first started to attend and become an active member in the program of recovery — as suggested by the messenger — I was encouraged by other members to remember the three C’s. I did not cause the dis -ease in other people, nor could I control or cure the dis-ease in other people. Consequently, I could admit my powerlessness over people, places and things. I could let go of my overdeveloped sense of responsibility.

Although I spent much of my life buying into the notion that I caused or created the dis-ease (the irritability, restlessness and discontent) in other people the program of recovery helped me to slowly let go of that notion. I could let go of my need to assume the responsibility for other people’s moods

I then discovered that there was a solution to help set me free from what was creating my anxiety, fear and dread. In the process, I discovered that I no longer needed to hide in isolation. In my awareness, I realized that I did not have to work through my anxiety, fear and dread alone and by myself. I did not have to figure out a solution on my own. I could ask for help and I could learn to trust the process. I could come out of hiding. I could break free from the family system rules — don’t talk, don’t trust and don’t feel — that kept me in fear.

I could find a new freedom and a new happiness.

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