Traumatic Brain Injury and You –Part 1

Hi, and welcome back to Second Chance to Live today. I am glad that you are apart of my world. I want to share some wonderful and precious realities with you. I have learned to encourage myself with these realities. As you read through these “you” statements, encourage yourself. Change the “you” to an “I” and read them aloud. As you read these affirmations aloud, listen to yourself my friend. If you have a hard time believing what you are reading, believe because I believe in you.

You are a gift to your world. You are a blessing to many people because you are you. You are running your own race. You are not alone in that race. You do not have to compare your progress to… Your journey is specific to your process. You have dynamic creative energy residing in your being. Your creative energy is specific to your gifts, talents and abilities. You do not have to run anyone else’s race. You have a future and a hope. You are a person of destiny. You have a vision for your life. You are a being and not a doing. You can celebrate in your creative uniqueness. You are being led by grace.

You are free to explore. You can channel your energy. You have been given your unique set of circumstances to guide your path. Your circumstances are leading you to your destiny. Your circumstances are the portal to your dreams. Your circumstances are a gift to you. Your destiny is drawing you forward to live the life you have imagined. Your destiny is being worked out through you one day at a time. You can trust the process. You can trust a loving God. You can learn to trust yourself. You can do the footwork. You can let go of the outcomes. You can live in the day. You can keep your head, where your feet are planted. You can make progress your goal. You can pursue excellence and dismiss the notion of perfection.

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