Some thing to Consider — Who is limiting you?

Hello and welcome back to Second Chance to Live. Several years ago I wrote this article and the content is some thing that I need to consider. I thought I might share the article with you. Give the article a read and let me know how the article speaks to you.

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Life limiting scripts are messages that we tell ourselves. These messages were given to us through various people. Unknowingly, we then internalized these scripts. For some of us these scripts have gone unchallenged for many, many years. Consequently, we may have found ourselves being manipulated solely because we did not question the scripts validity. Practically speaking, we may have found ourselves engaging in activities that were not in our best interest.

For many years I was held captive to many limiting scripts. I remained mesmerized by what I believed to be true. And then, one day, my spiritual eyes slowly began to open. My spiritual awakening helped me to realize that I had been trading the truth for a lie. My spiritual awakening helped me to understand the true nature of limiting scripts. Limiting scripts intentionally undermined my growth and development as an individual. Limiting script’s impacted my ability to trust God, other people and myself. Limiting scripts hindered my ability to explore and to create with my authentic self. Limiting scripts actively sought to shame my existence. Limiting script’s created insecurity. Limiting script’s corrupted my ability to be empowered. Limiting script’s undermined all that was good and genuine.

After having the above spiritual awakening, I began listening to what I was telling myself. In the process, I began identifying specific limiting scripts. I found that it was important to write these scripts down on a piece of paper. I then needed to determine why I had believed those limiting scripts. I also needed to identify the source of the script –not to blame anyone—but to consider the source. I then needed to explore the belief system behind the limiting script.

Through using these steps, I am able to remove the trigger created by the limiting script. Once the trigger was removed, the limiting script lost its power over my life. Once the script lost its power, I was able to replace the script with a new message. The new message was one of encouragement and empowerment.

Below is a short list of some limiting scripts. You may have unconsciously maintained some or all of these scripts at one time in your life. As an exercise, you may also like to get a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. Make a list of any other limiting scripts that you have been telling yourself. Once you have identified a limiting script, you can begin the process of changing your belief system.

Life Limiting Scripts

1. What I think does not matter.

2. What I feel does not matter.

3. No one will care.

4. Don’t trust your perception.

5. Don’t feel your anger if you are mad.

6. I don’t care.

7. It doesn’t matter anyway.

8. Nothing ever works out for me.

9. Relationships just don’t work out for me.

10. Life has got to be hard.

11. I can’t have…

12. I must be…

13. Good girls always do what other people want.

14. A man must take care of everyone.

15. Children are to be seen not heard.

16. Be right.

17. I must perfect.

18. Be good.

19. You think you have it bad. When I was your age I did not have…

20. You are as selfish as your father was…

21. You are as cold as your mother was…

22. You are not good enough.

23. I am not pretty enough.

24. I am not smart enough.

25. I am not talented enough.

26. Do for us (your parents/significant other) and do without.

27. Always obey the authority.

28. Never question the rules.

29. Don’ think for yourself.

30. Speak only when you are spoken to.

31. Being emotional is weak.

32. The only thing that matters is wealth and intelligence.

33. People are disposable.

34. Some people are made to be used.

35. Spirituality is for kooks.

36. God does not love me.

37. I have to perform to be lovable.

38. I only exist to be beaten.

39. Don’t talk.

40. Don’t trust.

41. Don’t Feel.

42. I can’t be happy unless you are…

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