How to Increase and Decrease Font (Print) Size

Posted by Second Chance to Live on February 20, 2015

Seven years ago I wrote an article on how to increase and decrease the font size (print) size of the articles on Second Chance to Live. Recently, I received a comment that inspired me to share this information with the individual.

In the event that the font or print size is too small for you to read my articles, please follow the below suggestions on:

How to INCRES and DECREASE The FONT (Print) Size

Recently a friend asked me if I could increase the font size of my posts to make them easier to read. After doing some research, no solution could be found. Currently, there is not a way for me to increase the font size of my articles, as they appear on Second Chance to Live. I have done some research and spoken with a friend and have an alternative that empowers the reader to increase and then decrease the size of the print to read my articles.

This alternative to increasing and decreasing the font size,  not only when reading articles on Second Chance to Live; can be used to increase / decrease the font size of any article on the internet.

To INCREASE the font size of the print (make the print size larger) press and hold down the Control Key – which is at the far left bottom key on your keyboard under the left shift key – and the Shift Key at the same time. While holding these 2 keys down (Shift and Control Key) click on the (+) key, which next to your Backspace Key at the end of the row of your (1,2,3…) number keys. As you click (tap) on the (+) key while holding down the control and shift keys, you will see that the print or font size of the article will get bigger.

To DECREASE the font size of the print (to make the print size smaller), press and hold the control key down and click on the (-), which is the sign next to the (+) sign. You do not have to hold down the shift and the control key at the same time to decrease the size of the font. Holding down the Shift Key and the Control Key while clicking (tapping) on the (-) sign will not work to decrease or make the font (print) size smaller. Holding down the shift key would instead be the underlining key, instead of the (-) key.

In the event that my instructions do not work for you, please contact me and I will look into another possible way to help you. Here is a link to my contact page: Contact Page

I hope the above is helpful.

Have a great day.


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0 thoughts on “How to Increase and Decrease Font (Print) Size

  1. Craig: Thank you for your tip. It works!!!
    I have been having so much trouble trying to read all I can on Blunt Force Trauma to the Head, and just what it can cause, and all related topics, but with the way my eyesight is right now, I could only focus for a bit…

    I end up with eyestrain, headache etc., as well as major frustration.

    I was however; printing like crazy, so I could read one article at a time, when I could focus that is; and today I feel I got lucky.. I found your article…Thanks.

    Also thanks for spell check, my spelling right now is not good.

    I can hardly wait till you return from Holidays… I need someone to talk to…

    Sorry to hear about your Dad. Grieving isn’t easy, but it is something I had to deal with as well. At Debra, and other related sites on EB, I am known as,
    “Mother of Two Angels”.

    I also want to read Flight of the Butterfly.
    Kids with EB are known as “Butterfly Children”, because their skin is so delicate, just like a Butterfly.

    Maybe we can talk about that as well, but right now I want to read about your Journey,
    because that is how I feel right now, as every day seems to be a new Journey!!!!

    Thank you again, hope to talk later.. Jan

  2. Wow. This is great to know. My mother has recently sustained head trauma and has avoided going online because she has a “blind spot”. I think this tip will help her to seek out information online. Thanks.

  3. Hi Samantha,
    You are very welcome. I learned how to use these tools through a friend some time ago. The tools have beeen very helpful for me too my friend.

    Have a great afternoon and God bless you.


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