Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury and the Process of Grieving — Part 3 Video Presentation

Hello and welcome back to Second Chance to Live my friend. I am happy to see that you decided to stop by to visit with me. Thank you. Several days ago I began this video series of an article series that I wrote several years ago. I share my articles in video format to empower individuals who learn through watching and listening. In my experience I discovered that I had to address several issues as I grieved my reality, to be able to accept my reality. I needed to address these issues so that I could stop fighting against myself.

In my personal experience, I discovered that I was unable and incapable of accepting myself as an individual living with the impact of a traumatic brain injury and invisible disability until I did the work that I speak about in this article series.

In Part 3 of this video series, I will share some of my awareness’s with you. Here is a brief excerpt from Part 3 of the article:

“When I decided to confront denial, I became aware of how my life had been infected by a lie. As I examined the strategies that denial used to avoid the truth I started to have spiritual awakenings. One of these spiritual awakenings revealed that denial had been acting as a door, in that denial denied access to any and all unwanted thoughts or feelings. In effect, whenever any unwanted thoughts or feelings sought to be heard or experienced, denial would discount and minimize the relevance of those thoughts and feelings. Denial imposed a code of avoidance to mask what needed to be addressed.

Denial through shame actively sought to silence my reality.

In a denial system that seeks to maintain that reality does not exist, feelings are considered a threat, especially those feelings that trigger a sense of shame. Shame is different than guilt, in that shame is a being wound. Debilitating guilt and debilitating shame are very similar in that the individual is led to believe that they don’t just make mistakes, but they believe they are a mistake. As a traumatic brain injury survivor – with an invisible disability — I was led to believe that because I did not live up to expectations set forth by denial I was a mistake. For many years I internalized my inability to live up to expectations.”

To watch Part 3 of this video presentation, please click on the following link: Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury and the Process of Grieving Part 3 Video Presentation

In the event that you would like to read part 3 of the article from which this presentation is made, please click on the following link: Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury and the Process of Grieving Part 3

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