A Honda Clutch Pedal Stopper, A Starter and Trusting the Process Part 2

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In my experience, I have found when things happen that are of my control happen, that a loving God is doing for me what I can not do for myself. I am being protected from what I can not see down the road. In my experience, I have come to recognize that I do no have the big picture. In my experience, I have come to realize that I can trust a loving God with the BIG Picture. Past experience has taught me that I when I let go of things that are out of my control, I am able to put the focus on what I can control. What I can control is:

I can admit my powerless. I can ask for help. I can look for solutions. I can do the footwork. I can trust the process. I can let go of outcomes. I can move forward. I can trust a loving God. I can trust that more will be revealed to me in time. I can trust that the pieces of the puzzle will come together.

Update and Lesson:

I woke early this morning and God provided some one to push my car forward, down a small hill. I released the clutch and whalla, my Honda started up – standard gears. I drove to the garage and my friend and mechanic replaced the clutch pedal stopper – that apparently communicates with the working of the car that there is indeed a clutch. After my mechanic put in the new stopper, my Honda started up like new. What my experience reinforced was that a loving God supplies my needs and uses kind people to help me on my way.

I am glad that I did not spend time and energy fretting over what was out of my control. I am glad that I decided to instead focus on what I could accomplish. I am glad that I trusted the process.

In the event that things come up in your life that are unexpected my friend, my encouragement to you would be – as I need to encourage myself — let go and surrender to what is out of your control. Move on. Take the focus off of what is out of your control. Put the focus on what you can do with your time. Move forward. Look for solutions. Do the footwork. Let go of outcomes. Trust that a loving God will supply your needs and use kind people to help you on your way. Trust that more will be revealed to you in time. Enjoy the process.

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