When I Find Myself Practicing Old and Limiting Behaviors

Hello and welcome back to Second Chance to Live. Yesterday I finished and published an article Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury, Isolation and Connecting with Other People. In that article I shared with you that I had been struggling with some thing. This has been going on for the past several weeks. Last night I was able to speak with my mentor and I gained some clarity.

Late last night and early this morning I did a lot of journaling, reflecting and reading. In the process I gained further clarity as to what and why I had been struggling with what I spoke about in yesterday’s article. As I encouraged you to read, I re-read the articles as provided by the links. What dawned on me was that my struggle entangled me in an old and limiting behavior and ensnared me in fear.

The clarity helped me to realize that I had been unconsciously comparing myself with and to other people – in my attempt to connect with other people so that I would not feel isolated. In the process I internalized what I perceived other people thought about me and in the process experienced what I sought to avoid – feelings of isolation. In my feelings of isolation, I lost sight of my reality.

I lost sight of the reality that I am a unique individual who is called to live my destiny, not the destiny of anyone else. I lost sight of the reality that I am enough by being who I am, not by being who other people may think that I should or should not be in this life. I lost sight of the reality that my mission and vision calls me to do, to be of service, not to seek to gain the approval of other people.

Today’s thought

When I find myself practicing old and limiting behaviors. I give my power away to other people. I trade my judgment for the judgment of other people. I practice behaviors that lead me to believe that I do not have choices. I forget to remember that I can trust the process, a loving God and myself.

I forget to realize that I have opportunities to learn from my circumstances. I forget to remember that I am not stuck. I forget to remember that God is my source, not people. I forget to remember that I am to be led by peace, not by fear. I forget to remember to stay in today and to not project into the future.

With my awareness, I need to remember that I have choices, that I am not limited and that a loving God – not people – is my source. I need to remember to stay in the day and be led by peace, not by fear. I need to remember that I can trust the process and the big picture to a loving God.

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