Neuroplasticity, Muscle memory, Coordination, Agility and Creating Hope

Hello and welcome back to Second Chance to Live my friend. In today’s article I would like to share some thing with you that is helping me to develop fine motor skills. As I have shared with you in the past, I am a student of the martial arts. I train in the martial arts for various reasons, among which is to increase neuroplasticity in my brain.

According to definition,“neuroplasticity is the brains ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections through out life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.”

Martial arts and western boxing have helped me to work on specific muscle memory drills to fine tune coordinated movements through repetition. In my training and drilling I have spent countless hours and endless repetitions to develop and hone specific technique using hands (jab, cross, upper cut, hooks and overhand punches) with both my right and left leads.

I also drill elbow strikes, knees and thai kicks with both my right and left leads a bazillion times. I work on wing chun centerline strikes on both sides (leads) as well as jeet kune do blocks, trapping and strikes. Recently, I resumed my training in modern arnis / kali — with single and double sticks — to work on / develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, muscle memory and agility. My goal is to be equally agile on both sides of my body.

In all my training I spend time executing drills and skills to activate muscles, ligaments and joints to develop muscle memory, coordination and agility. I spend extra time drilling my non-dominant side of my body, by mirroring my dominate side. Through time and repetition I have found that I create hope for myself.  

In my opinion, training using weapons is not about the weapon itself – although the weapon is a tool – but about the movement incorporated using the weapon. Since I resumed training  — using single and double sticks – I have noticed that my fine muscle memory, hand eye coordination, agility and speed have all increased in my non-dominant and dominant body leads.    

Today’s thought

I share the above with you to encourage you to engage in activities – whatever activities that you enjoy and have fun doing —  to develop muscle memory, coordination and agility. By doing things that you enjoy you will create fun for yourself. In the process of creating fun for yourself, time and repetition will be seen as an opportunity to work on and develop muscle memory, coordination and agility.Through time and repetition you will find that you create hope for yourself. 

In the event that you would like to be in touch with me, please use my Contact Page. I look forward to hearing from you. All questions are good questions.

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