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Hello and welcome back to Second Chance to Live. I am happy to see that you decided to stop by to visit with me. Thank you. Today I feel led to write about a topic that is very much a part of what Second Chance to Live seeks to provide; peer support through the power of identification.

I have found and believe that there is tremendous power in identification.

Identification lays the foundation for effective peer support. Identification transcends the mind’s ability to comprehend. Identification moves beyond the cerebral to the emotive. Identification hears what only the heart and soul can comprehend. Identification ushers the individual across the bridge called hope. 

One of the main reasons I created  Second Chance to Live was to share from my own experience, strength and hope through the power of identification. Shortly after creating Second Chance to Live nearly 6 years ago I wrote an article to share the foundation upon which I would write articles and later begin creating video presentations.

The article, My Focus. Below is an excerpt from that article. Second Chance to Live provides peer support through the power of identification in articles and video presentations.

Identification as opposed to Comparison

Identification empowers, where as comparison minimizes contribution. Comparison asserts stipulation to inclusion. Comparison mandates that certain criteria be met. Comparison predicates acceptance. Comparison demands compliance. Comparison postulates performance. Comparison shuns that which is different. Identification encourages progress while comparison specifies and expects outcomes. Identification celebrates small successes, whereas comparison, by its nature seeks to invalidate. Identification encourages individuality and motivates self-expression. Identification cultivates creativity.

Individuality is not considered a threat. Status quo is dismissed. Identification empowers and motivates. Identification musters enthusiasm in the face of any discouragement. Identification breaks down the walls of isolation. Alienation is dismissed. Eccentricity is held in esteem. Self-respect, self-esteem, and self-worth no longer need to be qualified. Value and ability is accepted at face value. Identification seeks to reconcile. Identification promotes humility.

As I seek to identify with others I practice love and tolerance. Identification frees my humanity to explore apart from comparison’s dictates. Identification encourages individual expression. Identification encourages hope, where as comparison predicates performance. Identification encourages process. Identification promotes self-confidence. Progress is accepted as a function of seeking to accept both others and one self. As I love and accept myself, I am free to create with my being.

My being and worth is not tied to a specific “toy” or outcome. I no longer need to keep up with the Jones. I no longer need to chase after external validation. Identifying with others dispels my need to judge. Identification gives me permission to take risks and to scrape my knees in the process. Identification promotes excellence, not perfection. Identification frees me to stay in the moment and to live life on life’s terms. Identification promotes unity.

Articles and video presentations can be found in my 2 different Site Maps. Site Map for my Articles and a Site Map for my You Tube Video Presentations Currently I have 1027 articles and 115 video presentations in my respective Site Maps.

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